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2013-09-07, 12:16

This was the last day we tented on our epic adventure along Maine’s Bold Coast. Here we are getting the latest weather report over my DeLorme InReach SE satellite communicator because we had no cell phone service and grimly contemplating on whether to pack up and hike out or stick out another night and risk the weather. No one wanted to go home yet as we had other places we still wanted to shoot, but no one wanted to pack up wet tents either, and memory cards needed to be backed up, batteries charged, and more food and water supplies needed from the vehicles after a couple of days and nights on the rugged coast. In the end we decided to bug out during good weather, take the long hike back to the trucks, drive around to other locations, sit down for some hot food and internet access, and just sleep in the cramped vehicles to wait out the weather. We made a wise choice as it rained off and on for the next 32 hours, and occasionally it was a good downpour too!

Left to right: Garrett Evans, Mike Taylor, Aaron Priest, Jared Blash, and Chris Georgia

Shooting data: Nikon D700 & 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm, f/8, ISO 200, and 5 exposures spaced 1.3 EV apart from 1/800 to 1/20 seconds in 15 positions, 75 photos total, for a 55 megapixel sphere.



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